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Tromso, Norway

The most northern of Norway's rugged islands, Tromso possesses the true wonders of the polar environment: glistening glacial ridges, the icy clear waters of Lake Prestvatn, even windswept valleys where reindeer roam free. Amidst the beauty, there is fascinating history to be found as well, from ancient northern settlements to signs of sacrificial sites and cults that pre-date Christianity.

Polar Museum

Tromso's old customs house is the setting for this museum devoted to the great Arctic explorers and hunters. It provides a rare insight into the lives of hunters, trappers and explorers in the region, from whaling in the 1600s to present-day hunting.

Northern Lights Planetarium

Located well inside the Arctic Circle, a clear sky will display the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. This planetarium includes a movie on a 360-degree screen, depicting the changing seasons, two months with continuous daylight and two without any sun at all.

Polaria Arctic Center

This modern center's bold architecture is only matched by the exhibits, among them, one that offers a life-like demonstration full of real snow and howling winds that will transport you into unimagined arctic conditions.

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