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Boca da Valeria (Amazon River), Brazil

Boca da Valeria is a remote village at the confluence of the Rio da Valeria and the Amazon. Approximately 75 people live in this minute village, surrounded by the great rain forest of the Amazon Basin. Life here is a startling contrast to life in Brazil's modern Amazonian cities of Santarem and Manaus. In this tiny fishing village, see firsthand how the people of the Amazon live. Experience their culture as you visit their village.

Village Life

From the hilltop above the village homes exists a communal produce field where foreigners often experience a renewed sense of wonder.

Handmade Crafts

The inhabitants of Boca da Valeria, along with visiting families from neighboring villages, offer handmade crafts for sale. It's an opportunity to pick up truly memorable keepsakes.

Boca da Valeria Homes

Although U.S. dollars are accepted, it is customary to offer small items, such as pencils, pens, makeup, perhaps, a baseball cap or souvenir T-shirt, as a gift to the villagers in exchange for a tour of their homes and other small courtesies.

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