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Manaus, Brazil

Travel down the mighty Amazon to where the black waters of the Rio Negro mix with the tan waters of the Solimoes and you'll find Manaus. This port in the heart of the rain forest was the world's wealthiest city for one brief shining moment. It ended abruptly once rubber was cultivated successfully elsewhere. Today, it is a duty-free zone with an electronics trade. Yet the great Amazonian forest lies just beyond, promising adventure.

Teatro Amazonas Opera House

A symbol of the early 1920s rubber boom, this Neo-classical Opera House was built entirely of materials imported from Europe, and once hosted the world's finest operatic performers.

Amazon Village

Located in the heart of the jungle, this exclusive lodge serves as your base for a trek or canoe journey into the rain forest.

Indian Museum

Operated by Salesian missionaries, this museum features superb displays, exhibits, artifacts and ritual objects from the indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

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