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St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

It's the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean that command attention in St. Thomas -- home to both pirates' legends and tropical fish for centuries. And there's no shortage of ways to explore the island. Choose your vessel to discover these warm waters, from kayak and catamaran to yacht, turbo-charged jet boat or breathing observation bubble.

Skyline Drive

Located on the ridge of mountains that runs the length of St. Thomas, Skyline Drive offers magnificent views of the British Virgin Islands, the city of Charlotte Amalie and the harbor.

Charlotte Amalie

This capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands was named after the Queen of Denmark. Excellent duty-free markets make it one of the best places in the Caribbean to shop for local handicrafts and goods from around the world.

Paradise Point Tramway

This cable car ride ends at Paradise Point, an observation deck where frozen specialty drinks called Bushwackers, a creamy blend of liqueurs with whipped cream and nutmeg, are as famous as the view.

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