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Port Canaveral, Florida

Fans of the Apollo Space Program will remember watching rockets being launched from nearby Kennedy Space Center. From Jetty Park on the beach, occasional liftoffs can be observed.

Port Canaveral is an environmentally sensitive area of major scale, with a rich wildlife habitat. Right Whales make an annual visit to the coastal waters off Port Canaveral to bear their young during the winter. Also, manatees have a long history of using the corridor between the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River where the Port Authority is located. Manatees also use the Port area for playing, resting, reproduction, feeding, freshwater drinking, and as a warm-water refuge.

The Cove

Located on the waterfront, The Cove at Port Canaveral is home to a myriad of restaurants, shops, charter boats and more.

Anglers Tournaments

With great sport fishing, Port Canaveral is the site of the largest single-day fishing tournament in the world.

Port Parks

Several nice recreational parks and a mile and a half of bike paths run the length of the Port from Jetty Park to Freddie Patrick Park.

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