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Norfolk, Virginia

Virginia's second largest city has a 400-year old history and is home to the world's largest naval installation. Originally established as a port for exporting tobacco, Norfolk today has undergone some dramatic urban renewal, and its waterfront warehouses have been replaced with a vibrant marketplace, upscale condominiums and hotels, as well as parks and office buildings.

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is a perfectly preserved window into 18th-century colonial life and a great place enjoy a stroll back in time.

The Norfolk Botanical Garden

There's always something in bloom within these spectacular gardens. Showcasing more than 30 different types of gardens, enjoy a healing garden, a rose garden, a tropical bog, a butterfly garden, a fern glade, a winter garden and more.

Chrysler Museum of Art

In 1971 automobile heir and art collector Walter P. Chrysler, Jr. presented the city of Norfolk's Museum of Arts and Science with his extensive art collection, and since his death, they have continued to grow, building upon his legacy.

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