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Albany, Australia

Originally a penal colony, it was renamed Albany in honor of the Duke of York and Albany in 1832 with the first European settlement. And thanks to its superb natural harbor, Albany quickly became a busy port. The town served as a coaling station for steam ships, a commercial outlet for farmers, and a base for the whaling industry. Today, this small city of some 25,000 offers a wealth of restored historic buildings, museums, theaters and restaurants, as well as the natural beauty of its coast and scenic harbor.

Princess Royal Fortress

This former Military Institute was Australia's first federal fortress, protecting the port from enemy attack. Now it is a visitors' center and teahouse.


Australia's last commercial whaling station is today a museum devoted to whales and whaling.

Albany Residency Museum

Built in the early 1850s, this former residency is now a museum on early European exploration and the region's flora, fauna and geology.

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