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Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa is actually a coral island connected to the mainland by a causeway and two bridges. As traders brought Islam to Africa, it was ports like Mombasa that gave birth to the language and culture called Swahili.

An old slave and trading port, Mombasa is your gateway to Kenya - land of the safari. With its white-sand beaches, rolling savannah, towering mountains and spectacular Great Rift Valley, Kenya offers some of the most diverse landscapes in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tour Old Town with its blaze of colors and cultures. See Fort Jesus, a reminder of Portuguese traders. Or join a full-day safari to Tsavo National Park to see everything from lions and leopards to elephants and zebras.

Voi Safari Lodge

Located in Tsavo East National Park, this lodge overlooks a waterhole favored by elephants, buffalo and other big game.

Tsavo National Park

Kenya's largest and oldest game preserve covers an area of 8,000 square miles and is the nation's first national park.

Fort Jesus

Built in 1593, Mombasa's old fortress offers mute testimony to Portugal's influence in Africa.

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