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Chuuk Island (Truk), Micronesia

The Republic of Chuuk (or Truk) is a group of islands dotting a large atoll with a vast lagoon that represents an incredible underwater museum. Chuuk Lagoon is an idyllic setting, surrounded by waving palms and dazzling white sands. It's a place where you can float in sparkling clear waters while beneath you lay more than 100 wrecks from World War II ships, planes and submarines.

The islands were once a staging ground for forces during World War II and these wrecks have rested on the bottom virtually undisturbed for more than 50 years. The warm tropical water, prolific marine life and ocean currents have transformed the wrecks into breathtakingly beautiful coral gardens and artificial reefs, home to hundreds of exotic marine animals and fish.

Today, this surreal lagoon attracts the world's divers, underwater photographers and marine scientists. The islands offer amazing flora and fauna, freshwater falls and centuries' old historic sites from 16th to 20th century battlegrounds.

Chuuk Lagoon

This crystal clear lagoon showcases the entombed Japanese military vessels and downed aircraft from World War II. It is a Chuuk State Monument.

Sapuk Lighthouse

Built in 1937 by the Japanese as an observation post, and it provides a spectacular panoramic view from the top.

Tonachau Mountain Iras

This mountain is where the legendary God Souwniras and his divine son lived. Petroglyphs are etched into the exposed basalt above the falls that run down the mountainside.

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