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Midway Island

Located near the geographical midpoint of the Pacific Island, Midway Atoll is the last of the volcanic sea mounts that form the Hawaiian Islands. It was also the site of the most decisive naval battle of World War II. Today, Midway is an internationally acclaimed wildlife refuge. The peaceful beaches are home to terns, albatrosses and myna birds. Over 250 species of fish frequent Midway's unique fringed reef, and Hawaiian monk seals and Hawaiian spinner dolphins frequent the azure waters. For World War II buffs, Midway still bears the marks of war, including the original 1941 Seaplane Hangar.

Fish & Wildlife Visitors Center

This center features exhibits on Midway's native wildlife, along with a scale model of Sand Island as it appeared during World War II.

Old Ammunition Bunker

Now empty, the bunkers served as magazines for Midway's navy and marine forces.

Midway Theater

This recreation complex hosted USO stars like Betty Hutton and Boris Karloff in the 1940s.

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