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Kuantan, Malaysia

The capital of Pahang State, Kuantan is your gateway to Malaysia's idyllic eastern coast. Eastern Malaysia boasts miles of dazzling beaches and immense stands of tropical rain forests. Graceful and colorfully painted fishing boats slice through the warm coastal waters and the villagers still produce traditional crafts and practice the Malay martial art of silat.

To visit Kuantan is to experience a different facet of Malaysia. Here, tradition is not just revered but practiced as part of an ancient way of life. Explore the local bazaar for Kuantan's famed silk weaving and batik cloth, and stroll the region's unspoiled beaches.

Kuantan Bazaar

The bustling bazaar offers travelers a staggering array of traditional Malay arts and crafts.

Lake Chini

This legendary lake is surrounded by stories and is said to be home to a Loch Ness-type monster.


The royal capital of Pahang state is also renowned as a center for silk weaving and batik production.

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