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Sitka, Alaska

Resting between snowcapped mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Sitka is easily one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Alaska, and has a unique blend of Russian history and Tlingit culture. It's also the biggest town in Alaska, encircling 4,710 square miles on Baranof Island.

Castle Hill

Once the site of a two-story log mansion known as Baranof's Castle, today, only the stone walls and mounted cannons remain as reminders of Russia's bloody battles against the native Tlingit people.

Sitka National Historical Park

The Sitka National Historical Park offers a wealth of information and artifacts relating to the indigenous Tlingit people, including totem poles that chronicle early life on and around this fertile ground.

Raptor Rehabilitation Center

The Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center cares for dozens of bald eagles and other rare birds that have been injured. Once nursed back to health, the rehabilitated birds are released back into the wild.

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