Onboard Experience

Princess Cellars

The following beverages are available as bon voyage gifts. Prices include gratuity.

Champagne, Wines & Spirits

Champagne and Sparkling Wine  
Dom Perignon (France)Item #2010$181.00
Nicolas Feuillate (France)Item #2120$62.00
Korbel, Brut (California)Item #2012$27.00
Martini & Rossi, Asti Spumante (Italy)Item #2013$29.00
Chateau Ste Michelle (Washington St.)Item #2121$28.00
Sauvignon Blanc  
Kenwood (California)Item #2122$27.00
Pinot Grigio  
Danzante (Italy)Item #2123$34.00
Robert Mondavi (California)Item #2124$27.00
Simi (California)Item #2125$34.00
Pinot Noir  
Castle Rock (California)Item #2126$34.00
Round Hill (California)Item #2127$26.00
Franciscan (California)Item #2128$40.00
Cabernet Sauvignon  
Casa Lapostelle (Rapel Valley, Chile)Item #2129$31.00
Kenwood, Jack London (Sonoma, California)Item #2130$50.00
Rosemount (SE Australia)Item #2131$31.00
Sextant (California)Item #2132$33.00
White Zinfandel  
Woodbridge (California)Item #2110$26.00

Liquor & Beer Packages

Jim Beam 375ml bottleItem #2330$17.00
Crown Royal 375ml bottleItem #2331$22.00
Jack Daniel's 375ml bottleItem #2332$26.00
Cutty Sark (375ml Bottle)Item #2338$17.00
Johnny Walker Red Label 375ml bottleItem #2339$24.00
Courvoisier VSOP 350ml bottleItem #2344$30.00
Skyy 375ml BottleItem #2350$17.00
Absolut 375ml BottleItem #2351$20.00
Bacardi White 375ml bottleItem #2357$17.00
Cruzan Coconut Rum 375ml bottleItem #2358$17.00
Gordon's 375ml bottleItem #2364$17.00
Bombay Sapphire 375ml bottleItem #2365$22.00
Brogan's Irish Cream 350ml bottleItem #2371$19.00
Beer Package  
Choose any of the following beers and receive six for the price of five: Beck's, Coors Light, Dos Equis, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller LiteItem #2310$23.25

Soda Packages & Coffee Card

Canned Soda Package  
Choose any six sodas listed below in any combination for the price of five: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite, orange soda, soda water, tonic water, ginger aleItem #2311$11.75
Unlimited Soda Package  
Receive a souvenir tumbler and select from a variety of unlimited soft drinks served by the glass at all bars and restaurant locations throughout your cruise. Price includes service charge.Item #0523$5.18 per person/per day*
Unlimited Soda & More Package  
Indulge yourself with this premium Unlimited Soda & more Package,† entitling you to the above Unlimited Soda Package plus any mocktails, juices, shakes, floats and complimentary hot chocolate throughout your cruise. Price includes service charge.Item #2312$8.05 per person/per day*
Café Selects Coffee Card  
Enjoy 15 espresso-based hot or cold specialty coffee drinks with complimentary brewed coffee and premium tea for the duration of your cruise.Item #524$31.00

Gifts are subject to availability. All prices are quoted in USD and are subject to change without notice.

† There are no milkshakes or thick shakes available for Ocean and Pacific Princess.
* Beverage package is calculated based on the total number of days of your cruise. When submitting
payment, please ensure to calculate the total number of days of the cruise by the per day rate.