How to Play Let it Ride

Table Limits

$5 Minimum - $25 Maximum
$1 Bonus Bet

$5 - $25 on Three Card Bonus (Optional Bet)

Bet the Buck. Win the Bundle

EASY MONEY - That's right! Make your bets, and if you have a good hand, just LET IT RIDE. You don't play against other players. You don't even compete against your dealer. Hit a winning hand and you could go home with a bundle of cash! It's fast, it's fun, it's LET IT RIDE.

Royal Flush500 to 1$10,000
Straight Flush200 to 1$2,000
Four-of-a-Kind50 to 1$100
Full House11 to 1$75
Flush8 to 1$50
Straight5 to 1$25
Three of a Kind3 to 1$8
Two Pairs2 to 1$4
10's or Better1 to 1No bonus bet payout

Let it Ride is unavailable on the Sea, Dawn, Sun, Pacific and Ocean Princess.

How to Play

THE BET - Each player places three (3) equal bets as indicated on the table.

THE BONUS - With a bonus bet of just $1, players receive additional payouts from the bonus pay table. 

THE DEAL - Each player receives three (3) cards and two community cards which are placed face down in front of the dealer, completing their poker hand.

THE PLAY - Players simply try to get a winning poker hand by using their three cards and the dealer's two community cards. After looking at their first three (3) cards, the players may ask for their first bet back or they can "Let It Ride." One of the community cards is then turned face-up. The players may then ask for their second bet back or "Let It Ride." The final community card is turned face-up, completing the player's hand. The dealer then pays all winning hands according to the payout schedule.

Let It Ride Guidelines

  • Players may not exchange or communicate information regarding their hand.
  • Any violation may result in a dead hand and forfeiture of ante and bet.
  • Incorrect amount of cards constitutes a dead hand (No Action).   
  • Seats are for players only.
  • English only to be spoken at the table.
  • Players choosing to play the Jackpot are responsible for coin-in indicator light being on.
  • Jackpots are paid Left to Right of the Dealer.
  • Maximum payout $10,000 aggregate on basic hand.
  • Maximum payout $10,000 aggregate on bonus hand and 3 card bonus hand.

Casino Management reserves the right to mediate all disputes.

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