We offer a wide range of slot machines, with various denominations ranging from 1¢ to $1. We recommend playing the maximum number of credits the machine accepts to take full advantage of the best payback percentages.

Coinless Gaming

Most of the Princess ships now operate with a Coinless system in each of their Casinos. You will need your cruise card to create a Player Bank account in the Casino. The Coinless system then allows you to download funds directly from your shipboard account, via your cruise card, for credits to play at any of our slot machines. Remember to cash out your Player Bank account with the Casino Cashiers before the end of your cruise.

Coins/Princess Tokens

Princess Tokens are available from the casino cashier or conveniently placed change machines on the casino floor to use in our popular Pusher gaming machines. Please remember to redeem your winnings with the Casino Cashier before you leave the casino for the final time as these specially minted tokens may only be used in the casino.

Bill Acceptors

All of our slots are equipped with bill acceptors which accept all denominations of US bills (or operating currency onboard). The cash is converted directly into machine credits for ease of play.

Slot Tournaments

We host slot tournaments on every cruise.*

*Slot Tournaments are not held on the Sea Princess.

Onboard Activities

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