Onboard Experience


We have $.01, $.02, $.05, $.25, $.50, $1, $2, $5 and $10 slot machines available for your enjoyment. We recommend playing the maximum number of credits the machine accepts to take full advantage of the best payback percentage.

Coinless Gaming

Most of the Princess ships now operate with a Coinless system in each of their Casinos. You will need your cruise card to create a Player Bank account in the Casino. The Coinless system then allows you to download funds directly from your shipboard account, via your cruise card, for credits to play at any of our slot machines. When you finish playing, simply upload any remaining credits to your Player Bank account. When you wish to play again you can access your credits in your Player Bank account from any slot machine on the floor. By keeping your cruise card in the machine whilst playing allows you to earn points. You will receive $10 cash back for every 1000 points of play. Remember to cash out your Player Bank account with the Casino Cashiers before the end of your cruise.


If you choose to use coins, or sail on a ship that doesn’t have the Cashout system onboard, you can purchase Princess tokens at the Cashier's Desk or from one of the conveniently located change machines on the casino floor. The change machines accept US currency only. Remember to redeem your winnings at the cashier's desk as these specially minted tokens may only be used in the casino.

Bill Acceptors

All of our slots are equipped with bill acceptors which accept all denominations of US bills*. The cash is converted directly into machine credits for ease of play.

*The Sun and Dawn Princess operate in Australian Dollars.


Win a New BMW Car

Play 2 cent slots and you could Win a car! Winners get a choice of three fantastic BMWs - a sporty 128 Cic, the X3 3.0si sports activity vehicle or the luxurious 328i sedan. If you prefer cash, Princess offers a $25,000 option in lieu of a BMW.

We have already given many top prizes and cars. See some of our lucky winners.

Win a Car slots are not available on these ships: Ocean, Royal, Pacific, Sun, Dawn and Sea.


Princess offers MegaCash™ - the largest progressive jackpot at sea. This jackpot grows with every spin. Largest Jackpot won to date is $484,525.


Slot Tournaments

We host slot tournaments on every cruise.*

*Slot Tournaments are not held on Sun and Dawn Princess.