Special Occasions

Celebrate with Princess Cruises

Create lifelong memories with our special celebration packages for all of your special occasions

Make memories with celebration packages for all of life’s special occasions.

Why Celebrate With Princess

Occasions become extraordinary when celebrated out on the open sea or in a spectacular destination. Select one of our many customized celebration packages and receive expert guidance from our friendly crew to create an unforgettable journey.

  • Birthday Packages for celebrations at any age
  • Custom Celebration Packages tailored for your loved ones
  • Premium Celebration Packages filled with bubbly and luxury

Watch Celebrations Video with Jill Whelan, from The Love Boat, our "Celebrations Ambassador"

Celebrations Onboard – Princess Cruises

Make that special occasion something to remember with one of our celebration packages!

  • Available Packages:
  • Birthdays for all ages
  • Custom Celebration Packages
  • Premium Celebration Packages
Weddings, Honeymoons, & Anniversaries – Princess Cruises

They don't call it "The Love Boat" for nothing. Book a romance package with Princess and fall in love at sea!

  • Available Packages:
  • Weddings & Honeymoons
  • Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Renewal of Vows
Gifts & Services – Princess Cruises

You don't have to be celebrating to do something special! A little gift can go a long way...

  • Available Options:
  • Gift Cards & Balance Inquiry
  • Gift items including flowers, wine, merchandise & more!
  • Photography & Video