Why Cruise Mexico?

Mexico has always been an accessible place for sun seekers. A Mexican cruise makes it that much more simple to see it all; each port of call has its own unique personality and charm. Cabo San Lucas’ El Arco will leave you in awe whether you view it from your ship or on an optional shore excursion. The cobbled streets of Puerto Vallarta's Malécon are ideal for a relaxing stroll. Wine tasting in Ensenada is a favorite pastime. And scuba dive or snorkel in the beautiful waters of La Paz and Loreto.

Mexico's Diverse Marine Wildlife

Whale Watching

The sighting of humpback, gray, and blue whales breaching the water is truly an epic experience that you'll never forget. Cruise Mexico for the ultimate thrill—a chance to witness some of the ocean's most intelligent creatures migrating off the Baja coast.

Sea Kayaking on the Mexican Riviera

Sunny Cultures

Soothing seas, clear skies and warm tropical breezes make the golden coastline of Mexico a haven for sun worshippers and the myriad of outdoor activities that a warm climate allows. And a cruise to Mexico is the perfect vacation for golfers, shoppers, water-sports enthusiasts, or anyone who loves the bright flavors of Mexico's west coast.

Mexico's Culinary Favorites

Culinary Favorites

One must experience the food and drinks. Famous for its tequila, enjoy some in a margarita or as a shot (but please drink responsibly). To complement your drink, order some chips and salsa, tacos, a burrito, fajitas, or some molé, and simply enjoy the bursting flavors of each.

Mazatlan, Mexico Cruise

Mexico Cruises

Cruise to Mexico for a vacation filled with rich experiences, fantastic locations and adventure in the sun!

Mexico Cruises

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