Mediterranean, Greek Isles & Holy Land Cruises

Endless treasures await you in this legendary region. Whether you wish to walk among the stoic ruins of Rome and Athens or the hallowed sites of the Holy Land; whether you dream of Renaissance Florence, timeless Venice or sun-kissed beaches on picturesque Greek Isles. Princess offers countless ways to see Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey & more on a Mediterranean cruise vacation.

  • Discover a wide variety of captivating ports on our Signature Cruises to the Mediterranean and Holy Land, plus a variety of sailings to the Greek Isles and the Adriatic.
  • Visit popular Mediterranean ports and off-the-beaten-path gems on a convenient 7 day Interlude Cruise, which can be combined for 14- to 21-day voyages.
  • 2-Day Experiences in extraordinary places like Giza, Egypt and Jerusalem, Israel and overnight stays in Venice to explore even more.
  • Cruisetours pairing a 12-day Mediterranean cruise with a glorious land tour to places like Paris, Barcelona and Lucerne.
  • Find charming waterfronts, splendid palaces and historic sites along the legendary Black Sea with calls to Nessebar, Constanta, Odessa and Yalta.
  • Princess has been awarded "Best Itineraries" by Cruise Critic and Recommend Magazine.
Venice, Italy Princess Cruises

Mediterranean Cruise Vacations

Few regions can lay claim to so many must-see places. The ruins of Rome, Renaissance treasures in Florence, the magic of Venice, cosmopolitan Barcelona, exotic Istanbul, as well as hidden jewels like Portofino, Dubrovnik and much more are not to be missed.

Mediterranean Cruises to Mykonos, Greece

Greek Isles Cruise Vacations

Named the "Top Island Destination" by Conde Nast Traveller, a Greek Isles cruise offers a rich mosaic of travel experiences. From the dramatic volcanic cliffs of Santorini and spectacular beaches of Mykonos, to the Medieval treasures of Corfu, and ancient wonders of Olympia and legendary Athens, a cruise to Greece defies expectations.

Mediterranean Cruises to The Sphinx

Holy Land Cruise Vacations

Some of mankind's greatest figures — mythical and historical — dominate this region. In Jerusalem, you'll walk in the footsteps of prophets and kings in a city revered by three of the world's great religions. In Giza you'll discover the treasures of Pharaohs, the Pyramids and Sphinx.

Black Sea Cruise Vacations

Black Sea Cruise Vacations

Perfect for travelers seeking new and unique Europe destinations off the beaten path, venture to the legendary Black Sea to discover exotic waterfronts along distant ports like historic Constanta or Yalta, the jewel of the Crimean peninsula.

Europe Cruises

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