Why Cruise Canada & New England?

Stroll through history among colonial brick buildings, autumn woods and rocky shores as you experience the sights, sounds and flavors unique to Canada and New England.

Lighthouse of New England

French Connection

Cruise Eastern Canada and discover a decidedly French influence, from the idyllic coastal villages of Nova Scotia to the Rue St. Louis in Québec City. See the best-known sights, such as the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove in Halifax or the churches of Saint John.

Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

Our Nation's Roots

Cruise New England and discover America's roots along its rocky coastline. Visit historic cities like Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell, the house where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, as well as the great melting pot of New York City.

Sites from Canada & New England Cruise

Local Specialties

The quaint New England of earlier times is alive and well in charming port cities, like Bar Harbor and Newport. Grab a bowl of clam chowder or a lobster roll, or nibble on fresh Maine blueberries.

Visit Historic Quebec City, Quebec

Canada & New England Cruises

Cruise New England and Eastern Canada’s most scenic ports of call. From your ship’s balcony, relax and enjoy the spectacular views such as glorious colors, and you’ll realize this experience can only happen along the stunning and dramatic coasts of Canada and New England.

Visit the US Capital on a New England and Canada Cruise Tour

Canada & New England Land & Sea Vacations

Uncover the history and scenic beauty of Canada & New England even deeper by traveling further ashore before or after your cruise for a seamless land & sea vacation.

Canada & New England Cruises

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