Why Cruise Australia & New Zealand?

From Sydney's iconic opera house and harbor to the stunning Great Barrier Reef, the lands Down Under are filled to the brim with treasures. Whether you're getting a glimpse of Tasmania's wildlife, immersing yourself in Maori culture, snorkeling among brilliant corals or enjoying a breathtaking cruise through Fiordland National Park, your cruise to Australia & New Zealand is sure to be unforgettable. And you'll experience it all aboard the line that was named the "Best Cruise Line in Australia & New Zealand" by the Women's Choice Awards.

Scenic Tropical reefs on Australia Cruise

Great Barrier Reef

Famous for its outstanding diving and snorkeling, manta rays, sea turtles, sharks and scores of brilliant tropical fish are among the otherworldly creatures of the Great Barrier Reef.

Sparkling Fiords seen on Australia Cruise

Sparkling Fjords

Scenic cruising is a must-see in southwest New Zealand's spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site region, home to the striking Fiordland crested penguin, as well as 14 fjords and five icy-blue lakes.

Native Artifacts

Native Artifacts

From the Maori of New Zealand to the Aborigines of Australia and Tasmania, the original peoples of these regions have fascinating cultures, histories and artwork to be discovered with Princess Cruises.

Australian Outback Cruisetours – Princess Cruises

The Outback

With room to roam, the diversity of wildlife in this wide-open, expansive region Down Under is truly amazing. A few of the famed creatures of the Outback include the kangaroo, the emu bird, and the wild dingo dog.

Australian Cruise – Princess Cruises

Australia & New Zealand Cruise Vacations

Join Princess for a 12 or 13-day cruise adventure to Australia: the land Down Under. See breathtaking fjords, charming towns, and modern metropolises as you cruise between Sydney and Auckland.

Explore Asia – Princess Cruises

Australia & Asia Cruise Vacations

Unspoiled landscapes and diverse cultures entice you to explore the land Down Under and Asia’s most celebrated cities. From the pink sand beaches of Komodo Island to cosmopolitan Sydney, uncover the hidden gems of Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

See koalas on an Australia Cruise – Princess Cruises

Australia & New Zealand Land & Sea Vacations

In-depth otherworldly adventures awaits you on a Princess Cruises cruisetour to Australia & New Zealand. Journey inland to the legendary Outback and explore the world-famous Great Barrier Reef on a complete land & sea vacation in the land Down Under.

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