Extending Your Asian Cruise

Contemplating a cruise to Asia, but not sure it'll provide enough depth to your experience? Spend extra time - on either side of your Asian cruise - in our most captivating cities with a Cruise Plus Hotel Package. Immerse yourself in the culture, indulge in the regional cuisine and meet the locals!

Anchorage, Alaska- Princess Alaska Cruises

Anchorage, Alaska

Cosmopolitan Anchorage has all the features of big-city life yet moose can be found wondering the streets...

Australian Wildlife - Princess Cruises

Auckland, New Zealand

Whether you prefer picturesque wine country, perfect beaches, mystical fjords or forested mountains,...

Bangkok Thailand Cruise

Bangkok, Thailand

Take a few more days to discover this grand city's wonderful mix of ancient culture and modern living.

Beijing, China Cruise

Beijing, China

Enter the massive Forbidden City and wander through its 250 acres of palaces, pavilions and courtyards...

Coastline on Cruise to Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

From Table Mountain to the Cape of Good Hope to the surrounding wine country, this South African city is a traveler's delight... 

Bangkok Thailand Cruise

Hong Kong

Thrilling Hong Kong pules with commerce, culture and nightlife...

London, England- Europe Cruises

London (Southampton), England

Take a few extra days to explore the world-famous Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Thames River. It might take...

Historic Landmark on Osaka, Japan Cruise

Osaka, Japan

With a population of over five million people, Osaka is Japan's second largest city.

Otaru, Japan Waterway – Princess Cruises

Otaru, Japan

This quaint town on the northern island of Hokkaido is a lovely and peaceful place to spend more time.

Papeete, Tahiti Cruise Port

Papeete, Tahiti

Papeete is the capital of Tahiti, French Polynesia's largest and most well-known island. It is also the urban center of...

Koala Bear on Australian Cruise

Perth (Fremantle), Australia

Historic Fremantle is your gateway to Perth, the capital of Western Australia.

Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy- Europe Cruises

Rome, Italy

No visit to the Eternal City would be complete without a stop to such Vatican City landmarks as St. Peter's...

Historic Sights on Shanghai, China Cruise

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is one of the most fascinating cities on the face of the Earth...

Historic Sites on Singapore Cruise


Small in size but not in stature, this immaculate country has some of the most pristine gardens and temples in the world...

Sydney, Australia Cruise

Sydney, Australia

This "capital of the Pacific rim" offers a myriad of sights, such as the world-famous Opera House, incredible...

Cruise Port in Asia

Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan

Huge department stores brim with shoppers and neon flashes from dusk to dawn.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Spend a few more days in what's often thought of as Canada's most beautiful city and you're sure to fall in love...

How to Extend your Stay

There are three ways to extend your stay with Princess Cruises:

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