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The magnificent marvels of the Far East beckon, with an intoxicating elixir of sights, sounds and flavors. As you cruise through China, explore the ancient treasures of its 10,000 years of civilization, and thrill to the modernization of its culturally-rich cities. See the wonders of this fascinating region with Princess -- awarded the "Best Cruise Line In Asia" from the Women's Choice Awards.

Forbidden City

Cruise from Beijing (Tianjin), China

The ancient and yet utterly modern metropolis of Beijing is home to over 11 million people and has been a center of Chinese culture and government for millennia. The Forbidden City and treasures like the Great Wall, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven await exploration.

The Great Wall

History & Culture

While in Beijing, the Great Wall is a must-see sight. In Shanghai, visit The Bund, an elegant promenade lined with charming 19th-century buildings. Try on a sari in Singapore's Little India, visit the Emerald Buddhist Temple in Bangkok, and discover subterranean tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City.

Botanical Gardens

Natural Wonders

Stroll through the lush Botanical Gardens of Singapore, and gaze out over Nagasaki from Mt. Inasa. Asia's natural beauty, from the graceful “Chinese Scholar” trees that dot Beijing to the soothing waters of the Mekong Delta will amaze and delight you!

Ho Chi Minh City

Shore Excursions

Join one of Ho Chi Minh City's top chefs for a shopping excursion through the local market and explore the vibrant shopping hubs of Singapore. Be amazed at the ornate architecture and gold domes of the largest mosque in Brunei and enjoy the gorgeous landscapes of Ko Samui from atop an elephant. And on itineraries with More Ashore Late Night calls, we stay until at least 9 p.m. in port so you can experience some of the fabulous nightlife.

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