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The journey is as extraordinary as the destination when you travel to the Far East with Princess – awarded "Best Cruise Line in Asia." From the time you come aboard, you'll have the opportunity to indulge in local dishes and folkloric entertainment designed to bring the exotic cultures, colors and flavors of the region to life. Ashore you'll discover this extraordinary destination in depth with our award-winning shore excursions, with visits to bucket list attractions like Beijing's Great Wall and Forbidden City, Bangkok's Grand Palace, the Shurijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan and much more.

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Southeast Asia & China Cruise Vacations

With exotic destinations like the tranquil shores of Sihanoukville, the bustling boulevards of Bangkok, and the chic boutiques of Singapore. Our cruises to Southeast Asia captivate with an eclectic array of adventures awaiting your discovery.

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Japan & Southeast Asia Cruises

From Japan, cruise to popular destinations in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, including off-the-beaten-path ports less frequented. Onboard, you’ll enjoy Japanese cuisine, music and entertainment as well as signature Princess favorites!

Explore Asia – Princess Cruises

Asia & Australia Cruise Vacations

Unspoiled landscapes and diverse cultures entice you to explore the land Down Under and Asia’s most celebrated cities. From the pink sand beaches of Komodo Island to cosmopolitan Sydney, uncover the hidden gems of Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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Asia Land & Sea Vacations

Delve into such iconic sights as China’s Great Wall, Summer Palace and the renowned Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian, or take a journey along the legendary Yangtze River, a central element in the history and development of China.

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Why Cruise Asia?

Satisfy your thirst for adventure and new discoveries when you blend a myriad of exotic locations into one unforgettable journey. Ancient landmarks, unparalleled exotic beauty and colorful cultures can be found along the shores of Asia.

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Asia Cruises

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