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Information about Princess Travel Care for voyages departing before Summer 2009

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A Princess Vacation Protection Plan

We strongly recommend the purchase of a vacation protection program. For your convenience, Princess offers Princess Vacation Protection (formerly Princess Travel Care) as well as enhanced coverage - Princess Travel Care Gold for voyages prior to the Summer of 2009 and Princess Vacation Protection Platinum commencing with Summer 2009 cruises. These plans provide what is perhaps the most attractive combination of protection and flexibility available in cruising today.

Princess Vacation Protection includes Trip Cancellation and Interruption Protection, which provides up to full reimbursement for the otherwise non-refundable cancellation fees if you must cancel or curtail your trip due to eligible medical conditions or other specified causes affecting you, your immediate family members or your traveling companions.

Princess' vacation protection programs offer unique flexibility that many other programs lack. If you have to cancel your cruise for an ineligible reason - any reason at all - you'll receive from Princess Cruises a future cruise credit equal to 75% of the normally otherwise non-refundable cancellation fees.

If you plan to sail with us prior to the summer of 2009, you can elect to upgrade to Princess Travel Care Gold for an additional $50. Doing so increases the credit value to 90%.

Starting with voyages departing in summer 2009, Princess is pleased to introduce Princess Platinum Vacation Protection for an additional 5% of cruise fare (15% of cruise fare). Our Platinum Plan provides a future cruise credit value of 100% of the normally non-refundable charges if you must cancel for a reason that is not eligible for 100% cash reimbursement.

And, upgrading to our new Platinum Vacation Protection plan (or Travel Care Gold for voyages prior to the summer of 2009) will also double coverage for medical expenses, lost baggage and emergency medical evacuation.

For those passengers who have purchased Princess Vacation Protection, please refer to the Plan Description that is enclosed in your pre-cruise package for more information or contact the Princess Vacation Protection desk at BerkelyCare the independent administrator of Princess Vacation Protection at 877-846-8833.The insurance portion of Princess Vacation Protection is underwritten by Virginia Surety Company, Inc.(Policy Number HTP04192)

Special note: Princess Vacation Protection must be purchased before or at time of final payment.