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Princess Luggage Valet

Introducing a new door-to-door luggage service that delivers your bags from your home to your stateroom. No more hauling baggage through the airport, no more checking or standing in the crowd at the baggage claim. With Princess Luggage Valet you can enjoy the ultimate in ease and convenience when you travel. Make it a carefree escape with the new Princess Luggage Valet Service.

Princess Luggage Valet Service is provided by DHL Worldwide Express and is available exclusively to Princess Cruises’ passengers. Domestic and international shipping is available. Standard rates start as low as $90.00US per piece each way for domestic express shipments and $250.00US per piece each way for international. Standard rates are based on shipment size, weight and destination and include limited Shipment Value Protection. To qualify for standard rates, reservations must be secured at least 30 days prior to your sailing date. Service can be requested within 30 days of your sailing, but will be subject to an additional cost, and will be based on availability of express service to the destination. Domestic shipments are typically scheduled for pick up 7 days prior to the sailing departure date and most international shipments are typically scheduled for pick up 14 days prior to the sailing departure date.

Program Launch Schedule

Service is currently available for voyages embarking and disembarking in the following ports:

Fort Lauderdale
Bangkok (Laem Chabang)
Los Angeles (Hawaii voyages only)
New York

Additional ports coming soon.


Shipments are limited to the shipping of luggage containing personal clothing and some sports equipment. Garment bags are acceptable for shipment of clothing provided they fold in half, remain secured in that position, and resemble a piece of free standing luggage. Examples of sports equipment that are acceptable for shipment would include golf clubs, fishing poles and bicycles. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that all sports equipment is packaged appropriately. Sports items must be shipped in an appropriate special-purpose hard sided carrier/container. Note that storage onboard is limited and the shipment of some large shipments of sports equipment, such as bicycles, will be subject to availability.


Individual shipments may not exceed 108 inches per piece for combined length, width and height. Weight may not exceed 150 pounds per piece. Should an individual shipment exceed number of total inches or weight, additional fees will apply and we cannot guarantee timely delivery of shipment. Goods or items purchased during your travels may not be shipped via Princess Luggage Valet as they could be subject to duties and taxes. Any duties and taxes assessed by customs will be billed to you. Items such as cologne, perfume, lighters are prohibited as they are considered combustible. Shipments may not be locked as they are subject to inspection.

Shipment Value Protection

TYPECOSTCOVERAGE (actual cash value)
Basic Value ProtectionInclusive in standard ratesUp to $2,000.00 per piece
Additional Value Protection$10.00 per pieceUp to an additional $1,000.00 per piece

Princess Cruises will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of luggage or contents. DHL will not be held responsible for damage to passenger's luggage (as it is considered the shipping container), loss of or damage to camera or electronic equipment, jewelry, cash, or other similarly fragile and valuable items. Valuable and fragile items should always be hand carried. When shipping valuable sports equipment, we strongly suggest purchasing additional Shipment Value Protection. While an itemized contents list is required for international shipments, we recommend that you prepare an itemized list for domestic shipments as well.

Any claims for loss or damage pertaining to covered items must be reported immediately to Princess Luggage Valet, who will initiate the claim with DHL. Claims must be submitted per the following schedule, based on the type of service purchased.

International shipments:30 days from the date of pick-up by DHL
Domestic Express shipments:90 days from the date of pick-up by DHL

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees are as follows:
From 60 days prior to sailing until your scheduled pick-up date, cancellation charge is $25.00.
Once pick-up has been made, cancellation charge is 100%.

How to Book Princess Luggage Valet

For rates, contact Princess Luggage Valet in the US or Canada at 800-399-7350 or email Princess Luggage Valet agents are available to assist you Monday thru Friday from 6am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

When requesting rates or reserving service, please be prepared to provide us with the following information:

  • Your Booking Number
  • Pre-cruise pick-up address and phone number
  • Post-Cruise ship to address and phone number
  • Number of pieces to be shipped
  • Estimated weight of each piece
  • Declared value of each piece
  • Credit Card for payment

How the Program Works

Once the reservation has been booked, we will provide you with the scheduled pick-up date for your luggage based on your cruise destination.

Prior to your scheduled pick-up date, we will mail you a packet containing the following items:

  • Airway bills for each piece of luggage to be shipped
  • Sturdy airway bill holders and ties for each piece
  • Customs forms to be completed for International shipments
    (International shipments also require a copy of your passport to accompany completed customs forms)
  • A DHL return envelope for shipping copies of customs forms back to Princess
  • Detailed shipping instructions
  • Interior Luggage Insert

Pre-cruise shipments will be picked up as scheduled and delivered to your stateroom on your day of embarkation.

For post-cruise shipments, you will be instructed to follow standard disembarkation procedures, which requires you to proceed through immigration and customs formalities. A drop-off area for Princess Luggage Valet will be located just outside the customs area. You will receive specific instructions onboard regarding your disembarkation and specific drop-off location, as this may vary from port to port.

Princess Luggage Valet is provided by DHL Worldwide Express. Rates include basic Shipment Value Protection. This luggage shipping service is for the personal luggage of Princess passengers only. A complete list of items that cannot be shipped will be supplied, along with terms and conditions, upon reserving this service. Princess will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of luggage or contents. DHL will not be held responsible for damage to the shipping container, loss of or damage to camera equipment, jewelry, electronics, cash or similarly fragile or valuable items. Items such as cologne, perfume and lighters are prohibited, as they are considered combustible. DHL Worldwide Express is an independent company and is not owned or operated by Princess. Princess reserves the right to modify or withdraw this service at any time. ©2007 Princess Cruises. Ships of Bermudan registry.