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Bali (Padang Bay), Indonesia

Myth claims that when the gods created a terrestrial paradise, they made an island east of Java - an enchanted place with dazzling beaches, rolling surf and fertile plains. Welcome to Bali, where graceful girls in hand-painted brocades perform ritual dances to ancient Gamelan music, and 10,000 temples dot the landscape. Art and artistry permeate the very air of the island. The Balinese are master carvers, weavers, painters and jewel smiths whose work has attracted the admiration of connoisseurs around the world. Even the terraced, green rice fields are works of art. Perhaps the myth is true. At the very least, Bali has seemed a paradise to generations of visitors.

Bali is Indonesia's most popular travel destination. Only 90 miles long, the island supports a population of some three million people who practice a unique religion called Hindu Dharma: a Balinese blend of Hinduism, Buddhism, animism and ancestor worship.

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  • Ubud Ubud

    The area surrounding Ubud is the heart of Bali's "craft" villages, famed for traditional woodcarving, batik, painting and jewelry.

  • Kertha Gosa Kertha Gosa

    This restored 18th century Hall of Justice at Semarapura Palace is an open-sided pavilion decorated with painted scenes from the Mahabharata.

  • Kehen Temple Kehen Temple

    Built on three ascending terraces, this 11th century Hindu shrine boasts a superb carving of a Kalamakara stone demon, which protects the temple from ghosts and spirits.

  • Pura Penataran Pura Penataran

    Pura Besakih is a temple complex of 23 shrines perched on the slopes of Mt. Agung, the island's highest point.

  • Karangasem Palace Karangasem Palace

    Built at the close of the 19th century by the first monarch of the Karangasem Kingdom, this royal palace features an architectural blend of Balinese, Chinese and Western styles.

  • Bat Cave Bat Cave

    Thousands of bats can be observed at this cave near Goa Lawah, which locals have named the Bat Cave Temple.

  • Besakih Mother Temple Besakih Mother Temple

    One of Bali's most beautifully decorated temples, Pasar Agung lies at 5,000 feet above sea level on the slopes of Mt. Agung and offers superb views of the islands.

  • Tirta Gangga Tirta Gangga

    At the center of this maze of pools stands an 11-tiered Lotus Fountain. One legend claims that swimming in the pools under a full moon conveys eternal youth.

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