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Nagoya, Japan

Perched on Honshu's central coast, Nagoya is the fourth largest urban center in Japan. It is also a perfect illustration of the Japanese national story. Japan's colorful history and love for tradition are embodied in the might donjons of Nagoya Castle, built by the first Tokugawa shogun. Two celebrated shrines - one Shinto, the other Buddhist - are found in the city center. Yet Nagoya also embodies Japan's love of modernity and its thirst for technological innovation. The city is home to the very model of a major multinational corporation - Toyota. Tradition and change. Esthetics and innovation. In its own quiet manner Nagoya embodies the essence of the Japanese way.

Toyota's corporate headquarters are in Nagoya, while the company's excellent museums and factories are scattered about the city and environs. Toyota began life as a manufacturer of industrial looms: Toyota Motor Corporation was spun off from its parent company in 1937.

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  • Nagoya Castle Nagoya Castle

    Originally built for a powerful shogun in 1612, this monumental and iconic symbol of Nagoya was reconstructed after WWII. 2,650-pound gold-covered dolphins adorn the roof and an observation deck offers breathtaking views.

  • Atsuta Shrine Atsuta Shrine

    As one of Japan's most important centers of worship, the Atsuta complex consists of wedding temples, teahouses and a treasure hall that holds over 4,000 relics, many of which are Important Cultural Properties.

  • TOYOTA Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology TOYOTA Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

    Built on the site of the original 1911 factory, the museum offers a look into its history, as well as its future. Displays range from antique Toyota cars to auto-making demonstrations featuring robots.

  • TOYOTA Car Production Factory TOYOTA Car Production Factory

    See how a Toyota car is skillfully manufactured with visits to the assembly room and the welding shop where multiple robots can build over 400 auto body parts in 60 seconds.

  • Tokugawa Art Museum and Gardens Tokugawa Art Museum and Gardens

    The museum's vast collection contains 12,000 items such as samurai armor, swords, and a number of official cultural assets including nine National Treasures and the renowned 11th-century "Tale of Genji" scroll.

  • Ise Grand Shrine Ise Grand Shrine

    Set in an ancient forest and surrounded by lakes and ponds, this unique 2,000-year-old complex is a holy Shinto site composed of 100 individual shrines that are dismantled and rebuilt every 20 years.

  • Inuyama Castle Inuyama Castle

    Designated a National Treasure, the 475-year-old Inuyama Castle offers a look into the days of Japan's samurai.

  • Hikone Castle and Hikone Museum Hikone Castle and Hikone Museum

    One of the oldest intact castles in Japan, this National Treasure is surrounded by a double moat and boasts a lovely garden. At the base sits the museum, which houses folding screens, samurai armor, artwork and documents.

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