Amami Oshima (Naze), Japan

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Situated off the coast of Kagoshima, this picturesque island is blessed with a subtropical climate, beaches with "star sand," and an abundance of flora and fauna. But there is more to this island than just its scenic beauty. Amami Oshima has inspired an arts and crafts culture that is as rich as its heritage. The cultural center at Amami Park is usually one of the first places visitors come to, as it contains the Museum of Amami where you can find detailed information about local customs, traditional culture, and the history of the Amami Islands. Another popular site is the Tanaka Isson Memorial Museum, which celebrates this famed Japanese painter's career and his ties to the island. Other artistic endeavors woven into the culture include the richly dyed tsumugi textiles, which date back more than 1,300 years. These fabrics are famous for being used to make high-quality kimonos. Music is a large part of the island's identity and it is known for its shimauta (island songs), accompanied by the sanshin, a three-stringed musical instrument. A mouthwatering variety of tropical foods can be found in the restaurants and local markets, particularly the passion fruit, cultivated in the warm southern climate, are exceptionally delicious.

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  • Amami Park Amami Park

    A popular attraction, this cultural theme park introduces visitors to the history, folklore and natural wonders of the Amami Islands through video displays, music, art exhibitions and living museums.

  • Cape Ayamaru Cape Ayamaru

    One of the islands top scenic spots, bring your camera for outstanding panoramic vistas of the azure waters, cycad-covered hills and breathtaking geological formations unique to the island.

  • Amami Nature Observation Forest Amami Nature Observation Forest

    Amami Oshima, the second largest remote island in Japan, is renowned for its exotic flora and fauna. Trek through this lush parkland and photograph the indigenous wildlife from observation decks.

  • "Oriental Galapagos" "Oriental Galapagos"

    Known as the Oriental Galapagos, Amami Oshima is home to native wildlife exclusive to the island including the Amami Rabbit, a national protected species, believed to have lived for 100 million years.

  • Kinsakubaru Virgin Forest Kinsakubaru Virgin Forest

    Nestled in the center of the island, guided hikes through the forest introduce you to this sub-tropical wonderland known for its giant ferns, emerald green broad-leaf plants and thriving birdlife.

  • Oshima Tsumugi Pongee Village Oshima Tsumugi Pongee Village

    Watch local artesian produce distinctive textiles at this authentic craft village set in a lovely hillside locale. Many of the plants and flowers in the area are used during the dyeing process.

  • Amami Cycads Amami Cycads

    One of the oldest surviving species in the world, dinosaurs ate the leaves of this sub-tropical plant that grows freely along the hillsides and coastal areas of this verdant island.

  • Kuroshio No Mori Mangrove Park Kuroshio No Mori Mangrove Park

    Amami Oshima Island is the northernmost point to find an ecosystem of mangroves. Dominating an area of 700,000 square feet, the forest is home to rare tropical delights and best enjoyed by canoe.


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