Marrakech: Bahia Palace & Djemaa-el-F'na

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Tour at a Glance

You will visit:
  • El Bahia Palace & Djemaa-el-F'na El Bahia Palace & Djemaa-el-F'na
You will see:

Moderate Includes meal

Excursion Length:
Approx. 12 hours

Tour Overview

Board your motorcoach for a scenic drive along Highroad across the Chaouia and Ben Guerir plains to the huge, palm-surrounded oasis that harbors Marrakech.

The southern Moroccan city of Marrakech was founded in 1070 and was considered an important political and cultural center in the western Muslim world. Now, this captivating city is the most popular destination in all of Morocco. With its lively people, colorful marketplaces, impressive monuments, and religious sites, Marrakech is a feast for the eyes and the senses.

Begin your tour with a photo opportunity at the spectacular Koutoubia Minaret, the largest mosque in Marakesh. Its towering, 203-foot tall minaret is one of the oldest in the world and richly decorated in interlacing floral and geometric patterns. Interestingly, there are four orbs on the top of the tower, instead of the traditional three. Legend has it that the fourth was a gift from the wife of the Saadian ruler Yacoub el Mansour, as penance for breaking her fast during Ramadan.

When you enter the grounds of the Bahia Place you'll know why the name means "Palace of the Beautiful." Built for Ahmed Ibn Moussa (or Ba Ahmed) between 1894 and 1900, it is lavishly designed and decorated. A guided tour through the unique floor plan winds through charming courtyards, fragrant gardens, opulent reception halls and an assortment of the 160 different rooms. View the intricate wall and ceiling mosaics, tile work, and other architectural decorations, and learn the fascinating history contained within the palace walls.

Your day includes a traditional Moroccan lunch, complete with wine and local delicacies, served at a preeminent restaurant. While you are enjoying your meal, local performers will treat you to a lively folkloric show.

Refreshed, you'll stroll through the old walled town of Medina and visit the open-air markets known as souks. These large trading venues brim with the most extraordinary array of goods you'll find anywhere in Morocco. Walk through narrow alleyways past colorful stalls and lively merchants. You'll find a dizzying number of exotic products and will quickly learn the local art of bargaining to reach the best price.

Continue on to the city's most energetic spot, ironically called Djemaa-el-F'na, which means "Assembly of the Dead." This large, open square is home to snake charmers, street performers, soothsayers and spice vendors. You'll feel as if you've stepped right out of the pages of the Arabian Nights!

At the completion of your exciting day, enjoy a scenic drive back to port.

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Detailed itinerary

Depart from ship for a guided walking tour of Medina Old Town

Travel time: 03:15 Transport type:Air Conditioned Motorcoach
Transport Capacity (Normal Use):46
Time at site:01:00 Inside Visit :No
Restrooms available?:No

Free time at Djemaa-el-F'na

Travel time: 00:15 Transport type:Walking
Time at site:00:30 Inside Visit :No
Free Time at Site (minutes):30 Shopping available?:Yes
Currency accepted:MAD

Lunch at a leading local restaurant

Transport type:Walking
Time at site:01:15 Inside Visit :Yes
Restrooms available?:Yes

Guided tour and free time at Bahia Palace

Travel time: 00:15 Transport type:Walking
Time at site:01:00 Inside Visit :Yes
Total number of steps:4
Wheelchair accessible?:No
Restrooms available?:Yes
Free Time at Site (minutes):30 Shopping available?:Yes
Currency accepted:MAD

Photo stop for Koutoubia Minaret

Transport type:Walking
Time at site:00:20 Inside Visit :No
Wheelchair accessible?:Yes Handicap
Photo/Video opportunity?:Yes

Re-board your motorcoach and return to your ship

Travel time: 03:15 Transport type:Air Conditioned Motorcoach
Transport Capacity (Normal Use):46

Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Special Notes


The drive between Casablanca and Marrakech is approximately 3.5 to 4 hours each way, with a restroom stop en route.

Shopping will take place in a designated store where the guide will recieve a commission; time on own to shop is limited.

The King of Morocco occasionally makes unannounced appearances in Marrakech. When the King is in residence, the Bahia Palace will be closed to the public, and on these occasions, it will not be visited on this tour.

Child Price:

12 years & under only

Number of Steps/Walking Distance:

For information on walking distances and/or the number of steps at each stop, please see the detailed itinerary above.

Wheelchair Accessibility:

For information on wheelchair accessibility, please see the detailed itinerary above.

Camera/Video Restrictions:

For information on camera/video restrictions at each stop, please see the detailed itinerary above.

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