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Princess Cruises - Careers: Working at Sea

Life and work at sea is very different than shore-based employment, and it is important to consider both the numerous benefits as well as the challenges of living and working onboard. Some of these challenges include a restricted living environment, generally in shared accommodations, and a demanding seven-days-per-week work schedule. It is important to remember that Princess Cruises is a customer service organization and that each employee's ability to provide top-quality customer service is critical to the passenger's onboard experience.

Princess further relies on each employee's commitment, dedication, loyalty, and team spirit to create a positive experience both for passengers and fellow crewmembers. In return, Princess makes every effort possible to offer its crewmembers an enjoyable environment and a rewarding career.

To that end, our ships offer facilities specifically for crew use, including a crew recreation room with games, a crew store, a library of books and videos, crew dining facility serving a variety of cuisine, crew-only pool and jacuzzi, crew Internet facilities, and much more. The Crew Club organizes crew entertainment such as movie nights, tours in port, karaoke contests, barbeques, exercise classes, crew disco parties, and sporting events, to name just a few. We also provide comfortable accommodations, uniforms suited to your job, meals, and onboard training—all at no cost to you. Princess recognizes that the crewmembers onboard are our greatest asset in making Princess the Consummate Host, and we show our appreciation by making your life onboard the best it can be.

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