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Production Cast Members

Princess Cruises requires strong vocal and dance talent to be part of our creative and dynamic productions shows. Created "in house" with exceptional choreographers and directors from around the world, we provide our cast members with exciting, high quality and completely different style shows to perform whilst travelling the world.

About Production Show Cast Members

Production Show Dancer:

We require experienced and technically trained dancers with a strong background in jazz, ballet, tap, partnering and Musical Theatre. Additional skills of gymnastics, ballroom and acting would be a bonus. Dancers should portray a toned, healthy physique and be well groomed at all time.

Females must be between 5'5" and 5'9"
Males must be between 5'8" and 6'1"

Production Show Vocalist:
We require vocalists with exceptional vocal styles in contemporary pop, Musical Theatre, R&B and rock. Candidates must have excellent acting skills and show basic dance ability.

Females must be between 5'5" and 5'9"
Males must be between 5'8" and 6'1"

Female Range is G or Gb below middle C with a strong belt up to B or C an octave above middle C. Head Voice up to E or F above the B or C belt.

Males Range is B or Bb an octave below middle C with a strong belt up to F# or G.

Sending a Talent Submission for a Production Show Cast Member:
Please submit to
Identify the position you are interested in and state your name in the subject line.
To submit a video/DVD auditions please follow these instructions:

  1. Please tell us your name, where you live and why you want to come to sea, showing your personality.

  2. Please tell us your height and be truthful!

  3. Vocalists please provide a variety of vocal styles with women showing us your belt and head voice and men your falsetto. Singers will also need to show us dance movement and a full body shot at some point in the talent footage.

  4. Dancers please show a montage of technical abilities, across the floor work including kicks, leaps, pirouettes and extension. We will also need to see combinations of lyrical, Musical Theatre, Tap and Hip Hop.

  5. If you have any "extra talents" such as pointework, tumbling, acrobatics, Ballroom and Latin dance, stage combats, please show us!

  6. Show footage can be accepted however we will need to know who you are very clearly.

  7. Candidates will need to supply a headshot and Dancers an additional full body photograph, an updated resume that includes your height and present contact information including an email address.

  8. "YouTube" or emailed submissions can be submitted as long as they reach the above requirements.

  9. All applicants will be contacted if we are interested in your talent.

  10. Submitted audition material will not be returned.

Good Luck!

If you need to submit via hard copy, please send Production Show Cast submissions to:

Princess Cruises Entertainment
Attn: Dance Studio
24844 Avenue Rockefeller
Santa Clarita, CA 91355


Why perform as a Cast Member on a Princess Cruise?

Travel the world, perform different style shows, food and accommodation provided, save money and make great friends for life….need we go on?

After a successful audition, a cast member is offered a contract on one of our wonderful vessels and your new journey begins. You'll know what part of the world you will be travelling and the shows you will be performing.

Upon completion of paperwork, visas and documents almost every cast member comes to Los Angeles to our rehearsal facilities. All travel from your home country to LA is provided and you will make your way to the apartments where all cast members are housed.

The apartments are shared facilities with only Princess cast members in a secured building, each fully furnished apartment has 2 bedrooms for 4 cast members, 2 bathrooms, washers and dryers and a fully equipped kitchen in each unit. The apartments also have an incredible gym, pool and outside entertaining area, games room, internet and business room and even a movie theatre! This is really where you will get to know your fellow cast members before going out to sea.

Rehearsals are conducted 6 days a week and close to the apartments. Bus passes are provided but most cast members either walk, jog, rollerblade or bike. On your first day you will have an orientation meeting with your team and the dance teacher who will be with you for training and also you will all be fitted for your dance shoes for the contract. During the course of your rehearsals you will learn all your different shows and vocalists will be provided with vocal direction.

Each production cast has a combination of professional cast members consisting of 6, 10, 11 or 13 dancers and 2 or 4 lead vocalists. Our dancers are expected to sing along with the production track and all cast members need to be in great physical shape to wear costumes and fend away injuries.

After the rehearsal period you will join your vessel for usually a 6 month contract and have a hand over period with the disembarking team. Rehearsals onboard are conducted by either one of our Project Coordinators, or the experienced Cast Performance Manager. Seamstresses will be sent at the same time to adjust all costumes during this hand over period. Cast changes are more demanding than land rehearsals and you should be prepared to work hard, rest, eat properly and keep a positive outlook.

How many performances per cruise will depend on the itinerary which can range from a 7, 10, 12, 15 day cruise or even a world cruise of 120 days! We do take into consideration rest time and you would typically have one complete days rest in a 7 day cruise.

We pride ourselves on bringing the best choreographic talent from around the world which provides the cast onboard with different style shows to perform during their contract. These choreographers have been hired from New York's Broadway, London's West End, Los Angeles TV and film industry, the ballroom world and contemporary dance companies, so you will truly perform all performance styles. The main shows are performed in the Princess Theatre which has seating in the style of a Broadway theatre and some vessels have a second showroom where alternative shows are produced. All show times are usually in the evening after we have set sail.

Onboard the ship, the cast reports to the Cast Performance Manager who reports to the Cruise Director as head of the Entertainment and Passenger Programs department. The Cast Performance Manager is responsible for keeping the shows in the original concept, schedule rehearsals, re block rehearsals if cast members are sick or injured and gives notes to performers after reviewing taped show performances. We also have an Assistant Cast Performance Manager who is responsible for the dressing room area, costumes and assisting where needed. Each cast member is responsible for looking after their own costumes, dance shoes and wigs during the contract. Lastly, we have a Vocal Captain who will coordinate with the Cast Performance Manager with vocal rehearsals and microphone checks with the audio manager. They will also give notes on vocal performances.

At the end of each show, the Cast Performance Manager, Vocal Captain and Production Manager will conduct a show report that is sent back to the LA office for management review.

You will be given a performance appraisal by the Cast Performance Manager and Vocal Captain after 3 months of your contract to note how well you are performing in the shows and your social behavior onboard and if there are any areas to improve upon. There will also be a final appraisal at the end of the contract which will determine whether you are offered another contract with Princess Cruises. Some of our performers have remained with Princess for over 10 years and can be a very rewarding career.

Remember it's not all work and play. You have time off in port to shop, sight see, call home, send emails, sun bath and relax….your time is your own. There is no other performance job in the world that you can do what you love and wake up the next day in a new country or different island, you really can escape completely!

So come and join us, be part of the best cruise line in the world, known for high caliber shows and making our crew members be part of our Princess Family.


Production Show Cast Members FAQs

What documents do I need?
  • Valid Passport
  • C1/D visa if you are not a US or Canadian citizen
  • Medical examination clearance paperwork
  • Possibly a dental report
  • Personnel Data information
  • Police background check
  • Additional visas to visit countries on your itinerary if needed.

Upon confirmation of an offered contract, you will be contacted by our Fleet Personnel department and assisted with all of the above.

What is a C1/D visa?
Also known as a Seaman's visa, some nationalities need this to work onboard a ship and travel to certain countries; this visa normally lasts between 2 and 5 years and is at your own cost. You will be required to make an appointment at your nearest US Embassy to gain this visa; all paperwork will be supplied by our Fleet Personnel Department for the appointment.

How do I get a medical?
This extensive examination is at the employees' expense and can be conducted through one of Princess's recommended medical facilities which you will be advised of the closest one to you. Once this is complete and approved by our corporate medical department, you are cleared to travel and work onboard. You are reimbursed for your first medical report.

What is a Police Background Check?
Some nationalities need to have a home police background check performed, this is a quick process and you will be informed if this is needed.

Do you have to be a certain age to work onboard?
  • We prefer all cast members to be 21 but we do sometimes accept 18 year olds if they show maturity and responsibility.
What documents do I need when embarking the ship on the first day?
  • Passport with Visas inside
  • Medical certificate
  • Princess Employment letter

On your first day you will also have a picture ID taken which is called a Laminex and will be your official ID to get on and off the ship in port. It is important that this is not lost or reported immediately if stolen.

Do I need travel insurance?
Whilst you are covered medically in Los Angeles and onboard the vessel, we suggest you take basic travel insurance to cover the cost of any lost luggage or any activities that you take shore side that could result in injury.

Will I be allowed to choose my ship?
For a first time employee it is highly unlikely that you will be placed on a ship of your choice, mostly because we try to "cast" each vessel according to the shows onboard, so you have been hired for a particular talent. However, after a successful first contract you can request a ship, although not guaranteed.

Where does my ship travel?
Please visit for a list of current itineraries.

How do I get to rehearsals?
All rehearsals are conducted in Los Angeles, California. Your transportation from home to your airport is your own responsibility but your airfare to Los Angeles and transportation from Los Angeles airport to the apartment complex will be provided by Princess Cruises and will be given full instructions.

How do I get from rehearsals to my ship contract?
You will leave with your entire team from the apartments to your ships port which maybe in another country. All transportation is provided by Princess Cruises and your Cast Performance Manager will guide you.

How do I get home after my contract?
After a completed contract, your flight home is provided by Princess Cruises. When you reach your home airport, your transportation is at your own cost.

What language do I need to speak?
There are many languages spoken onboard, however all Princess Cruises Employees must be fluent and communicate in English. English lessons are provided onboard for crew members whom English is not their first language.

What happens if I get ill on the ship?
Should you become ill onboard the infirmary is available with expenses paid by Princess Cruises. Should employees have to leave the vessel to seek further medical attention, expenses will be paid by the company with maintenance paid as per the employment agreement if applicable to the performer. Should you be disembarked a medical advisor will be assigned to you from our main office to assist with onward treatments and to be medical cleared to return back to work.

Do I get a day off?
Considering the cruise line business is 24/7 there is never a moment or day when the ship stops. With that being said, performers have a good life onboard and most would receive a full day off in 7 days. Depending on your ship, itinerary and show schedule, there could be additional days.

What do I wear onboard?
Our cast members do not have a uniform to wear onboard and will follow dress code guideline that we provide our passengers.

Formal Nights:

  • Ladies, long or short elegant cocktail dress.
  • Gentleman, tuxedo or business suit with a tie.

Smart Casual Nights:

  • Ladies, dress or skirt and blouse or pant suit.
  • Gentleman, dress pants with sleeved shirt or polo shirt.

When in passenger areas you will be required to wear a name badge with your name, position and country you are from. When eating in passenger areas during the day, you must look clean and tidy; no high fashion or logo items can be worn. In crew areas and when going off in port, you may wear what you wish.

How long is a contract?
Most contracts onboard are 6 months with a month at rehearsals. However, some contracts may vary but you will always be given you disembarking date with the contract offer.

Can I get off and go home during the contract?
Time off during the contract is not permitted. In case of family emergencies, Princess Cruises does understand that additional time at home maybe needed and does accommodate these requests on a case per case basis.

Where do I live onboard?
Our dancers share a cabin with another dancer with an inside officers cabin. These are relatively small compared to land based accommodations, but completely livable. The cabins will have 2 beds, wardrobe space, a bathroom with shower, storage space, TV, VCR or DVD player and some cabins have small refrigerators. Most of these accommodations are close to the Princess Theatre.

Our vocalists have virtually the same but accommodated in an outside single officer cabin with a port hole and twin bed with another pull down bed above that can be used for guests. Please see your Production Vocalist Manual which is provided upon a contract confirmation.

What is the power in my cabin?
All vessels will have 120v US power and some vessels will also have 220v European power.

Do I have any deck privileges? 
Members of the entertainment staff are allowed in most areas of the ships, bars, gym, lounges, clubs and outside deck areas. Some restrictions may apply at high passenger volume times and you will be advised of these when onboard. Please note that you are not on holiday and that guests must always take priority in utilizing the ships facilities.

How much luggage can I take?
Since cabin space is limited, it is recommended that you bring only what is needed. You will probably purchase items along the way or onboard and you can have items sent to you in ports.

How will I be paid in rehearsals?
All nationalities will be paid bi weekly on the 15th and 30th. During your rehearsals you can arrange to have your salary wired into a bank account.

How will I be paid onboard?
Should you opt to be paid by wire, your onboard salary will be paid once a month. If you are a US citizen then you will be paid on the 15th and end of month.

Should you choose a new option that is becoming available, you can be paid in the following currency ( UK Pounds , Euros , Australian Dollars , Canadian Dollars ) on a per month basis when onboard. Paperwork options available at the Dance studio and onboard.

Is there an ATM onboard to use?
There is an ATM in the passenger areas, an ATM charge will apply. You can also cash checks in the crew office onboard to get cash.

Is there way to make extra money onboard?
Should employees have extra time they may work for one of the concessions onboard and additional information would be provided onboard. However, these should not interfere with your position you were hired.

Will I have to pay taxes?
US citizens will have federal taxes automatically deducted and maybe required to pay state taxes if applicable. All other nationalities are responsible for filing their own taxes upon returning to their home country as self employed.

Can I send money home from home?
You can wire money home from onboard via the crew purser's office. Details are available onboard and rates may vary.

Should I bring cash with me to rehearsals?
It is recommended that you bring at least $100 dollars per week to survive until your first pay day in case of any emergencies.

Is food and bedding provided at the apartments?
The apartments are fully furnished and bedding equipped with maid service once a week. They have fully equipped kitchens and washer and dryers in the units. You will have to provide your own food and a local supermarket is close by. Most cast members make their lunch for rehearsals. Tea, coffee and water are provided at the rehearsal studios, there are fridges and microwaves for food and a vending machine.

How do I pay for items onboard?
You will be provided with a bar account number which is your own personal number for the duration of your contract onboard that ship. As the entire vessel is cashless, even for passengers, so you will provide your account number at the bars, saloon and shops in passenger areas. In the crew bar you can purchase a crew card and add money onto this card for purchases in the crew bar. At the end of every month you will be required to settle your account.

Do I get discounts onboard?
  • No discount in the passenger bars for alcohol beverages.
  • 20% in the passenger shops.
  • 40% in the passenger spa and salon on port days.

Where do I eat?
Cast members can eat in a variety of different places. There is the staff dining room onboard which is in a crew area and you can wear whatever you like. However, you can also eat in the passenger areas of the 24 hour buffet and pizza and burger bars. There are also some theme restaurants which you can make a reservation however there will be a cover charge and these will vary on different vessels. Some time restrictions will apply on heavy volume days particularly when we are at sea all day, these restrictions will be provided when you are onboard.

How do I do laundry?
There are crew laundry facilities where the washers and dryers are free of charge, you just provide the soap. You can also use the dry cleaning onboard, but items will have a nominal cost.

What if I miss the ship in port?
Cast members who miss the ship should contact the ships agent who will be at the port or whose address and number is always in the Princess Patter, a daily newsletter for the passengers. The port agent will arrange transportation to the ships next port of call. However, it is the responsibility of the employee to pay for these transportation costs. Employees may be disciplined for the offense and could be terminated. Depending on different ports all crew members are required to be back onboard half an hour to an hour prior to sailing time.

Who is my boss onboard?
All cast members report to the Cast Performance Manager for all issues and communications.

Will I have internet access?
Crew internet stations are available onboard. Rates may vary. Some vessels provide Wi-Fi locations so those with laptops can use them throughout the ship.

How do I call home?
Calling cards are available to call anywhere in the world and can be used onboard. In most ports there will be calling stations which provide cheap rate telephone and email charges.

Can I have mail delivered to the ship?
Depending on your itinerary you will be provided with mailing addresses for the best ports to have mail delivered.

Can I get off when in port?
While off duty, employees' time is their own and we encourage you to enjoy the amazing ports of call we visit. It is one of the advantages of working on a cruise ship.

What is the drinking age onboard?
Alcohol drinking age is 21 years for crew and passengers in all bar areas, including the crew bar with no exceptions. Princess has strict alcohol policies which are outlined in your code of conduct booklet and could result in termination.

Is there a Drug policy?
Princess has a zero tolerance drug policy. All crew are subject to random and reasonable suspicion drug testing. Violation of these policies will result in termination.

Can I smoke onboard?
Each vessel will have designated smoking areas and you will be informed of these upon embarkation.

Is there an area where we I can relax with other crew members?
All vessels have a crew bar and recreation room along with a crew committee who will organize events such as bingo, movie and games nights, along with discos and celebrations.

Where can I work out?
Cast members are able to use both the crew gym and the passenger gym which are both fully equipped. However should you use the passenger facility you must once again let guests take priority and some time restrictions may apply.

Can I use the swimming pools and Jacuzzis?
All swimming pools and deck areas are available to use in port, some restrictions may apply during sea days. You are not allowed to use the passengers Jacuzzis; however there is a crew deck with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi that can be used.

Can friends visit me in port?
Cast members can apply for a day visitor pass for family and friends which will be approved by onboard managers.

Is there a curfew?
There is no set curfew; however those employees who are out late should be respectful of other crew members and passenger cabins nearby.

Can we use the salon and spa services?
Each vessel features salon and spa treatments which are offered to cast members at a discounted price. Passenger appointments take priority and some restrictions may apply.

Do I participate in Boat Drills?
All employees undergo emergency training and depending on the specific duty held could be required in crew and passenger drills. Boat drills are held for the safety of both guests and crew.

What do I need to bring with me for the production shows?
All cast members must provide their own stage make up and eyelashes for female performers. All hair requirements will be provided and you will be told what style to wear for each show, however some girls like to wear hair pieces and should provide their own if wished, but hair pieces will be provided if stated as a show item. Male dancers should bring their own dance belts and some white and black socks. Female dancers need to bring their own g strings. All tights and dance shoes will be provided. You should bring rehearsal clothes for at least 6 days and a comfortable pair of jazz shoes or sneakers.