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Travel Agent Information


Question: I'd like to use images form your website, or link to www.princess.com from my site, how do I get permission to do so?
Answer: You are welcome to link to the Princess Cruises website to promote our cruises and you may also use any of the static ship pictures or the Princess logo in your site as well. Your webmaster may download these directly from the site. We do not own the destination images or IPIX images, so we cannot offer those for your usage.

Additionally, we are unable to provide any downloads of pricing or itinerary information; we suggest you link directly to the site for this information. Please remember that the only pricing which can be posted online is Love Boat Saver Pricing.

Question: I need electronic images, slides or transparencies, how do I request these?
Answer: If you need these materials, please contact Inside Sales at 1-800-PRINCESS (1-800-774-6237). Images must be selected from the current Princess Cruises brochures, and include the brochure name, year, page number and description of the image. Please note that many of our destination shots are stock photo images not owned by Princess and therefore are not available for your use.

Question: What does the Travel Agent Locator list?
Answer: The Travel Agent Locator (TAL) on www.princesscruises.com lists National and Partnership accounts and Expert agents.

Question: I am a National Partnership Account agent, and my information is not appearing, how do I fix this?
Answer: If an agent is a National Account or a Partnership Account and for some reason is not showing up on the locator, they should be advised to email talocator@princess.com and specify exactly what the problem is with the listing. They should be sure to include all of the information below:

  • Agency
  • IATA number
  • Agency full address, including state, phone number, fax number, and zip code (PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH IS THE OLD AND NEW)
  • The name of the Agent if the Agent is an expert
  • An exact specification of the problem with the locator

Travel Agent Locator information in the database is updated on a monthly basis.