Walk among the ruins of Pompeii, Italy

Ruins of Pompei, Italy
Ruins of Pompei, Italy

Travelers on a Mediterranean cruise should not miss the chance to explore a piece of history when they visit Pompeii, Italy.

For those who don't know the tale, Pompeii was buried in volcanic ash when the nearby Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. It was eventually rediscovered, and travelers can now walk among the ruins and catch a glimpse of a remarkably well-preserved city from the Roman Empire. Visitors will also have a chance to take a hike to the top of Mount Vesuvius and peer into the crater of one of the most famous volcanoes in the world.

It's possible to spend all day at Pompeii, which has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, guests can also to combine their excursion with a trip to Sorrento or the National Archaeology Museum.

The museum gives travelers a chance to view many of the artifacts, frescoes and treasures that have been recovered from Pompeii and other sites around Italy. Sorrento, meanwhile, offers travelers the chance to sample delicious Italian fare in a picturesque setting overlooking the Bay of Naples.