Visit Hamburg while your ship completes the Kiel Canal


For a unique European shore excursion, be sure to disembark in Hamburg when the ship is passing through the Kiel Canal.

The circumstances surrounding this tour opportunity are a bit unusual. It will take the ship several hours to slowly pass through the Kiel Canal, so you'll have the chance to explore the nearby city of Hamburg while the ship is in motion. When you return, the ship will have completely passed through the canal and your European cruise will continue.

St. Michael's Church is undoubtedly the highlight of a trip to Hamburg, and you'll have the chance to spend some time at this magnificent example of the Baroque architecture style. Not only is this the largest church in the city, but the towering spire offers probably the best view in all of Hamburg.

Across the street from the church is Kramer Amtsstuben, one of Hamburg's famous squares. Be sure to to visit Alster Lake, a picturesque spot that is popular with the locals. And if you're a fashionable traveler, you'll absolutely love Jungfernsteig - the city's downtown shopping district.

Once you're done in the city, return to the ship - which will likely have completed the canal at this point.