See the Godafoss Waterfall and more in Akureyi, Iceland

Godafoss Waterfall
Godafoss Waterfall

There are many fantastic itineraries available for those who wish to go on a European cruise, but a trip to Iceland is perhaps the most memorable of all.

You'll disembark in Akureyi, a port on the northern side of the country that is considered to be Iceland's second-largest city. There are a few things within Akureyi that will likely pique your interest. Pay a visit to the local botanical gardens to catch a glimpse of some of the diverse fauna that can be found in Iceland. Just outside of Akureyi is the fishing village of Husavik, which has become known as a great spot to see whales off the coast. Visit the whaling museum for a more in-depth look at these massive creatures.

You'll have no shortage of options when it comes time to pick a tour to explore Iceland's breathtaking natural beauty - everything is worth seeing, so the only question is how much you can squeeze into a day.

One of the most popular sites is undoubtedly Godafoss Waterfall, which translates to "Waterfall of the Gods." When you see this natural wonder up close, you'll understand why it got its name.

Another natural sight that's worth visiting is Namaskard Pass, which is located near the still-active Krafla volcano. You'll get to see rare phenomena like steam vents and boiling mud pools, hinting at the volcanic power lurking just beneath the surface.

Animal lovers should head to Lake Myvatn, which is officially Europe's largest bird sanctuary. Here, you'll have the chance to see some of the species that are indigenous only to Iceland.