More to Liverpool than Beatles and soccer

Liverpool cathedral
Liverpool cathedral

Liverpool isn't the largest city in the U.K., but it's still one of the most famous. Whether it's soccer fans following the trials of Liverpool FC or music lovers identifying it as the birthplace of the Beatles, it's safe to say this otherwise unassuming city has gained some international renown.

Yet there's so much more to do in Liverpool besides soccer and rock n' roll. Sure, a Beatles tour is one of the offered European shore excursions, and - with a little planning and some luck on the date you arrive - you might be able to sneak in a Liverpool match as well. But you'd be missing out on all of the other great sites that the city has to offer.

For example, many may not realize that Liverpool is home to several beautiful and famous cathedrals. Several excursions will give you the chance to explore the Anglican Cathedral, which is the largest in the U.K; Chester Cathedral, which is nearly 2000 years old and Christ the King Cathedral, Liverpool's official Roman Catholic Basilica.

Another point of interest is Albert Dock, which previously served as the main entry point for the city. Now, the area is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you'll be able to learn all about the struggles of dockworkers throughout Liverpool's storied past.