Koper, Slovenia, has surprises in store

Predjama Castle, Koper, Slovenia
Predjama Castle, Koper, Slovenia

When booking your European cruise, you'll naturally assume that the highlights will be the cities that everyone's heard of - Rome, Paris, Barcelona or a similar city. Yet sometimes, the best part of the vacation actually ends up being the place that nobody's heard of.

There's a good chance that Koper, Slovenia, will fit the bill. This town is the country's largest port and features some truly beautiful Gothic architecture. You'll have the chance to visit Tito's Square, which is home to one of the more impressive cathedrals in the country as well as the magnificent Praetorian Palace.

Koper is also well-known for its proximity to other attractions in Slovenia. It's located about an hour and a half away from Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city. Even among European cities, Ljubljana is truly unique. That's because it's been under the control of various empires throughout it's history - Romans, Austrians and even the French under Napoleon. Ljbuljana seamlessly blends all of these influences and time periods into its architecture, cuisine and overall culture. Nowhere is this more apparent than the famous open air market, which you'll have plenty of time to browse through.

Bored with urban life? Then don't fret - there are options here as well. Specifically, consider a trip to Postojna Cave, Slovenia's largest cavern. Also don't miss out on Predjama Castle, a majestic fortress built into the side of a cliff.