A year-round festival in Cannes, France

Cannes, France
Cannes, France

If you've ever watched the Cannes Film Festival and envied the celebrities arriving in style on their yachts, you'll know the type of high-end luxury that the city and surrounding area represents. Those lucky enough to be sailing on a Mediterranean cruise can experience all of this when they book a shore excursion.

Cannes is best known as the host of the world-famous film festival, but the motto in town is "life is a festival." Locals keep the party spirit going year-round with a variety of nightclubs, restaurants and more. Travelers can relax, maybe catch a flick in one of the many theatres and experience all the luxury that Hollywood enjoys every year.

However, one of the big attractions of Cannes is its proximity to surrounding locales. For example, travelers can head for a brief excursion to Monte Carlo, where they can keep the film theme rolling by visiting the same casino featured in "Casino Royale."

Fans of art and architecture also have plenty of options around southern France. A quick trip to Nice affords travelers the chances to visit the Matisse Museum, established by the famous painter himself. Those who would rather view some spectacular architecture will find plenty of it in Monaco, which features the Palais du Princess and St. Nicholas' Cathedral.