Introducing the 2016 Alaskan Cruise Options from Princess Cruises

Medenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska
Medenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska

Alaska is a land of breathtaking scenery, diverse cultures, and a wild spirit. And on your next Alaskan cruise, you can experience the state's vast, untamed glory like never before.

Princess Cruises has announced its 2016 Alaskan cruise schedule, which includes opportunities to take in dramatic glaciers, experience the thrill of sled dog racing, and taste Alaska's fresh cuisine. From cruisetours that offer the highest levels of escorted services to schedules that provide the freedom to explore Alaska on your own terms, there are a variety of options to make an Alaska vacation memorable.

Cruise the Inside Passage

Princess Cruises offers round-trip journeys through Alaska's Inside Passage, a coastal route that winds its way through landscapes of snowcapped mountains, lush greenery, and icy glaciers. Ports on this route include Ketchikan, known for its Native Alaskan heritage and abundant fisheries, and Juneau, which is Alaska's state capital. The highlight of an Alaskan cruise through the Inside Passage is a tour through Glacier Bay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you'll glimpse magnificent glaciers from the comfort of your cruise ship, and onboard park rangers will share their knowledge with you as you go.

Sail into College Fjord

On a one-way Voyage of the Glaciers cruise, you can sail from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Whittier, Alaska, going even farther north into Alaska's stirring landscapes. This cruise sails into College Fjord, an arm of Prince William Sound, where five tidewater glaciers cascade into the water. Some, like Harvard Glacier, thunderously calve into the sea.

Book a Land and Sea Vacation

Take steps further into the Alaskan wild by booking a Land and Sea Vacation, which combines the thrill of the seven-day Voyage of the Glaciers cruise with an extended excursion into the heart of the state. The Connoisseur package offers the highest level of service, with most on-land meals included and guided excursions to ensure your comfort and ease as you visit Denali National Park and other sightseeing options. The Denali Explorer package, Princess Cruises' most popular option, will take you by rail into the heart of Denali and offers you the chance to experience a natural history tour of Denali National Park. Denali — North America's highest mountain peak — dominates the landscape, it's presence the subject of Native Alaskan legend. It's a once-in-a-lifetime scene.

Engage with Alaska Onboard

While onboard a cruise in Alaska, you'll be treated to fresh Alaskan seafood, learning experiences, and guest speakers such as Captain David Lethin from Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch and author Nick Jans, author of A Wolf Called Romeo, the story of a wolf and his impact on the people of Juneau, Alaska — all as part of North to Alaska.

So much to see, so much to experience — let Princess Cruises take you on an Alaska vacation in 2016.

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