Experiencing the natural wonders of Alaska on a Princess Cruise

Prince WIlliam Sound and the port of Valdez in Alaska
Prince WIlliam Sound and the port of Valdez in Alaska

There are some regions of the U.S. that are simply best explored by cruise ship, and Alaska is one of them. On an Alaskan cruise, travelers can put themselves within arm's reach of nature and all of the beauty that the state has to offer.

Although the area is known for its snowy mountaintops and lack of sunlight during certain times of the year, there is more to the location than its unique reputation, and it can only be explored on Alaskan cruises. To indulge in the local wildlife and immerse yourself in the state's one-of-a-kind culture, consider visiting these locations while at port on your Princess Cruise.

Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge

The Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge is one of many areas in Alaska that unique creatures call home, including bears, sea otters and bald eagles. If you're traveling on an Alaska cruise that puts you nearby, consider spending a day at Kodiak to enjoy a breath of clean, fresh air. There are 1.9 million acres to explore, and even if you only have time to trek across a few of them, you're bound to come up close to nature.

Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park

Another must-visit location for those who enjoy the great outdoors is the Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park. The park's official website states that the facility covers more than 182 acres of land. Today, it is a popular destination for local campers and continues to be a highlight for those who stop by while traveling on Alaska cruises. Similar to Kodiak, many animals call this park home. There are a number of hiking opportunities for those who want to stretch their sea legs while away from the ship.

Glaciers and fjords

Perhaps some of the famous aspects of Alaska are its glaciers and fjords, proving that you don't have to leave the country to see these icy peaks in all of their splendor. While at port, consider taking a tour of some of the glaciers that Alaska has to offer. There are day cruises that can take you to Prince William Sound, Portage Glacier or Kenai Fjords. In the end, you'll have a memorable experience to relive in your mind, as well as a series of stunning photographs to show your friends when you return home.